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The QSR Solution

  • Our staff will  work with you to make an appointment that fits you and your schedule and in a timeframe that is responsive to your needs.

  • Our treatment team will center our care around the most important member of the team—you.

  • We will help you create goals, adjust goals, and advance goals so that you can achieve the life you desire.

  • After you achieve a improved state of health, we will help you manage your long-term health with our team or transition your care back to your primary care provider—whichever option you prefer.

Our Vision

QSR Psych Solutions envisions a world in which all have access to behavioral health care that is effective, safe, and leaves no one behind.

Our Philosophy

QSR Psych Solutions provides individualized Adult Behavioral Health services in an outpatient setting.

The primary treatment team are leaders in the behavioral health space and strive to remain at the forefront of neuroscience and behavioral health treatment.

Treatment plans are developed with the lifestyle and goals of each patient in mind, to take one from a state of survival to a state of thriving.

Our Mission

QSR Psych Solutions provides patient-centered, compassionate, state-of-the-art care to promote healing and thriving for individuals, families, and communities. 

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