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Treatment Philospohy


The treatment philosophy at QSR is grounded in scientific evidence-based research, led by Percy Menzies, a pharmacist by trade who was Associate Product Director for the drug Naltrexone®, also known as Vivitrol. Evidence-based research indicates that the most effective way to treat behavioral health disorders is through a combination of medications paired with behavioral counseling care on an outpatient basis which allows for the recovery process to take place in the patient’s home and natural environment.

The QSR programs are focused on four key aspects:


1. Medical Stabilization

2. Ongoing Medication Management

3. Concurrent treatment of other co-occurring

    Behavioral Health Disorder(s)

4. Sustained and individualized therapy on an individual,

    group, and family basis


Since its founding in 2001, QSR has been active in not only the Behavioral Health field but also in the community. QSR knows its surrounding community and is an active participant in it. We know who our patients are, where they come from, and we pair that with the knowledge we have regarding best-practice treatment and the knowledge of knowing that each person comes to treatment in a different place.



The QSR treatment programs are tailored to the needs of everyone’s unique story. No two people are the same and no two people achieve recovery from behavioral health disorders in the same way. At QSR, our treatment programs are driven by careful and ongoing assessment of your personal story. We bring patients who seek our services compassionate care, guided by trauma-informed and person-centered practices. You and your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that QSR will continue your journey with you for as long as you need us.

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